Skull Dirt Shipping Policies & Live Ship

Shipping destinations

    Our Printing Partner, Printful ships globally, but there are some countries we can’t deliver to due to legal or shipping carrier restrictions.

    Customs fees

    Depending on your order’s destination and fulfillment location, your customers might have to pay customs fees. The fees vary depending on the order value, country limits, and other factors. Learn more about customs fees.

    Live Shipping Rates

    *Live rates are calculated by carriers in real-time and displayed during order checkout. These rates are determined by the order fulfillment location, shipping destination, shipping method, and carrier pricing. Monica Luvz Boutique supports live shipping rates.

    *Live rates (defined)

    Live shipping rates are shipping price calculations made by the carrier at the time your customer is making a purchase. Contrary to flat rates, it’ll be calculated by using the location of the facility where the order would be fulfilled and the destination address. The weight of your order will influence the final price too.

    In some cases, when the destination is close to our production facility, the shipping price might be lower than it would be with the flat rate. In other cases, though, it can be higher. 

    If you enable live rates, your customers will be able to choose one of the two shipping options at checkout—express (fast shipping) or standard. For some destinations, express shipping won’t be available. When this occurs, your customer will see only the standard shipping option. You’ll know which carrier service delivers your shipment in the order confirmation email.